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How Action Avatar Works

Action Avatar - Breakdancing

So what is Action Avatar?

Stop by our booth to have yourself turned into a superhero!

Register at and purchase your avatar.

You will receive an email with an order number to present to our friendly technicians.

Step into our photo booth, face forward and hold your arms at a 90 degree angle.

With two flashes of light, our 3D array captures 72 individual 2D images.

Our cutting-edge photogrammetry technology stitches the photos into a single 3D avatar.

Within 20 minutes of being scanned, you will receive another email from us to retrieve your brand new avatar.

Log back into our website to purchase a variety of actions – flying, dancing, fighting, doing the Haka and more!

Convert your animated avatar into a GIF and download to share with your friends and family!

Action Avatar – Now the fun begins!



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