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Action Avatar FAQ

How do I purchase an Action Avatar?

Click “Purchase Action Avatar” for $19.99, add the Action Avatar to your cart, check out, and pay with PayPal or Debit/Credit.

How do I access my Action Avatar?

Your new Action Avatar lives in “My Matrix”, where you can interact with it in 3D and add any animations you choose.

How do I animate my Action Avatar?

To start break dancing or flying, go to “Purchase Actions”, add the desired actions to your cart and check out.
The next time you visit “My Matrix”, you will be able to access your exciting new skills with the “Actions” button in the upper left corner.

How do I share my Action Avatar?

To share with family and friends, click the GIF button, located directly below the Actions button.
Follow the link that is generated, save the GIF file and insert into text messages or share on social media.
Please let us know if you have any issues with your avatar or purchasing your actions.
We appreciate your patience with us while we continue to improve our product and process!

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